Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hopedaddy on the Air: WFHB Morning Music Mix 4/30/08

Hayden, "Hollywood Ending," Elk-Lake Serenade
Beck, "Bottle of Blues," Mutations
Fleet Foxes, "Mykonos," Sun Giant EP
The Avett Brothers, "Shame," Emotionalism
Ryan Adams, "A Kiss Before I Go," Jacksonville City Nights
Alejandro Escovedo, "Always a Friend," Real Animal
Chuck Prophet, "You Did," Age of Miracles
Jon Dee Graham, "Tie a Knot," Full
James McMurtry, "Fraulein O.," Live in Aught-Three
Big Joe Turner, "Shake, Rattle & Roll," Atlantic Soul Classics
Bob Dylan, "Rollin' and Tumblin," Modern Times
Drive-By Truckers, "3 Dimes Down," Brighter Than Creation's Dark
The Drams, "Hummalong," Jubilee Dive
The Benevento/Russo Duo, "Becky," Best Reason to Buy the Sun
Radiohead, "Bangers & Mash," In Rainbows (Disc 2)
Mark Ronson with Alex Greenwald, "Just," Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads
The Clash, "Car Jamming," Combat Rock
Matthew Ryan, "Meet Me by the River," Matthew Ryan Vs. the Silver State
The Replacements, "Nobody," All Shook Down
Lucero, "Nights Like These," Tennessee
Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, "Across the Line," Thus Always to Tyrants
The Band, "Look Out Cleveland," The Band
David Byrne, "Glass, Concrete, and Stone," Grown Backwards
Bon Iver, "Flume," For Emma, Forever Ago
Sam Roberts, "Hard Road," We Were Born in a Flame
Calexico, "Not Even Stevie Nicks," Feast of Wire

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jon Dee Graham - National Treasure in a Parallel Universe

Hang in there for the last minute and a half . . .

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alejandro and Bruce . . . together!

A long-overdue collision of two worlds . . . and however "impromptu" this was supposed to appear, the E-Streeters have clearly rehearsed Escovedo's "Always a Friend," a still-unreleased song from the forthcoming Real Animal (link)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hopedaddy on the Air: WFHB Morning Music Mix 4/16/08

Whiskeytown, "Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel," Faithless Street
Caitlin Cary/Thad Cockrell, "Second Option," Begonias
The Byrds, "You Ain't Going Nowhere," Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Iris Dement, "Let the Mystery Be," Infamous Angel
Greg Brown, "Who Woulda Thunk It?," If I Had Known
XTC, "That's Really Super, Supergirl," Skylarking
The Pernice Brothers, "Cruelty to Animals," Live a Little
Spoon, "Take a Walk," Girls Can Tell
Bob Dylan, "Neighborhood Bully," Infidels
M. Ward, "Right in the Head," Post-War
Old School Freight Train, "I'm the Man Who Loves You," Pickin' on Wilco
Wilco, "Venus Stop the Train," YHF Demos
Tim O'Reagan, "Black and Blue," Tim O'Reagan
Jay Farrar, "Feel Free," Sebastapol
White Stripes, "Little Acorns," Elephant
The Raconteurs, "Many Shades of Black," Consolers of the Lonely
Death Cab for Cutie, "Your New Twin Size Bed," Narrow Stairs
Chris Walla, "Two-Fifty," Field Manual
World Party, "Another Thousand Years," Dumb Up
Gomez, "(You've Got to Admit) It's Getting Better," In Our Gun (Bonus)
Rufus Wainwright, "Across the Universe (remix)," Poses
The Beatles, "Dear Prudence," The Beatles
Loudon Wainwright, "So Damn Happy," So Damn Happy
Mike Scott, "Bring 'Em All In," Bring 'Em All In
Rodney Crowell/Johnny Cash, "I Walk the Line (Revisited)," The Houston Kid
Beth Orton/Ryan Adams, "Concrete Sky," Daybreaker