Thursday, December 11, 2008

Johnny Cash: American XIV

In this exciting new release, just in time for Christmas, producer Rick Rubin goes to the well one more time, uncovering yet more vocal gems not previously purchased by only the most dedicated fans of the Man in Black.

Track List:

1. "Fire and Rain" (James Taylor)
2. "In Your Eyes" (Peter Gabriel)
3. "And I Would Have Made It (Had it Not Been for You Meddling Kids)" (JC cracks wise in studio with Scooby Doo line to his friend, Chester, 6/14/99)
4. "Margaritaville" (Jimmy Buffett)
5. "Oh, yes . . . a little more to the left . . . yes . . . THERE, THERE!" (audio from tour bus videotape, date unknown)
6. "Mac Doovis" (previously unreleased outtake, blooper introduction of Mac Davis, Johnny Cash Variety Hour, 9/12/1971)
7. "I Write the Songs" (Barry Manilow)
8. "Outgoing Answering Machine Message" (Cash family home, 2001 - Dange Mouse remix, feat. T.I., 2008)
9. "Unforgettable" (posthumous duet with Natalie Cole)
10. "Him and Them Damn Shoes" (previously unreleased)

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