Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Never Should Have Doubted . . . v 3.0? 4.0? 5.0? Who cares?

Indeed . . . alive in Spain. This is good news. And the Clash makes the encore? Killer. From PaulMurff, frequent boarder:

"Look... long story short: they f***in' NAILED it. Opened with Coughing Up Blood (the first time it's been played live) as if it was the encore, and just kept going up and up and up from there.

No lie...
I have never seen a Marah show that I could say was a whole hell of a lot better than what I saw in Alicante on the first night of this tour.

No lie...
I didn't see, hear or sense one iota of bitterness, sour grapes, finger-pointing, backstabbing, blame-placing or name-calling. From anyone. About anyone. The whole time I was in Spain. Which is as it should be - but, as all grown-ups know, things are almost never as they should be, so let's recognise and respect the positive forces that are at work within and around this band right now, folks.

No lie...
Did I mention the new guys? Well, they don't feel like new guys any more. I got the impression that they were being thoroughly wound up during some of that first show... but in a 'good' way, if you know what I mean. ('Hey, bro... let's see if these guys can keep up if we play it like THIS...!' kind of thing)."

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