Monday, February 25, 2008

The Unproud: A Slice of Hopedaddy Rock History

Whilst digging through a desk drawer, I find a stack . . . Checking my pride at the door of the grand old Market Square Arena, last concert venue for Elvis . . . as well as some of the lesser-hip . . . I ain't sayin' I'm proud of ALL of them


BEAVNIER said...

That’s an impressive list of shows that you’ve attended. Sadly I have a stack of those things lying around my office. Cat Stevens (1976), Prince (1985), J. Geils Band with special guest U2 (1982) and lets not forget Tony Orlando (1977). I’m so embarrassed.

Hopedaddy said...

Makes me feel less dated, Beav . . . although these are MSA stubs only, so I could avoid reference to my real "first" concert experience: the Osmonds/Olivia Newton-John from the state fair. In my defense, I think I was about six.